Keystone Video Productions deals with any video related projects for both the 'Television' and 'Corporate' industries. On site Edit Suites and Sound Studios are available at Keystone for post-production.

We can source and Edit footage to create personalized videos including: Corporate, Motivational, Incentive, Product Related, Private, Informative, Entertaining and Specialized. The editors are experienced in Animation and Effects giving you the professional finish to your videos. We use top Script Writers and Voice Over Artists on all projects.

Our experienced cameramen are well rehearsed with setting up and shooting in various environments, which includes live feed to screen. Some of the different shooting environments include: On and Off-Site Interviews, Product Shots, Building Launches, Golf Days (Same day shoot and edit), Documentaries, Music Videos and Various Functions.

A two storey Green Screen also known as a Chroma-Key Room is available at the studio facilities. This technology allows you to film a person or product and insert any desired background either in post-edit or live for web-streaming.

Any video project can have the Audio Files Created or Tailored in the On-Site Sound Studio including Surround Sound Videos.

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