Modern Exhibition Stands using a mixture of set-building and staging techniques created from our 3D models led Keystone into the art of building the ultimate expo stands.

Should you wish to break away from traditional exhibits we have a modern option available. By using imported stage decks and trussing systems from Europe we have introduced a building technique that gives exhibition stands a new direction. We can easily go up a second level. It starts with a 3D design of your stand to exact proportions. We then build a skeletal structure using the European Systems, custom built walls and sets are put in place followed finally with branding and furniture.

Audio Visual equipment will get integrated into the stand to assist with media branding. Our designers will ensure that the Lighting makes the stand clearly visible and makes use of Logo Gobos to project your branding outside of the stand. Live Feeds can be set-up for added effects. Custom Videos can be made to loop during the exhibition. Bars can be set-up with coffee or cocktails served.

Recent work